Friday, August 10, 2012

CALLING ALL COLLECTORS: Help Justin find the cover to his Mom's book!

Cover art by Michael Golden

The other day I received this note from Justin who is seaching for this cover art (above) to his Mother's book that was published in the 80's.  I hadn't really intended to do this kind of thing here, but his story touched me.  I'll let him take it away in his letter:

Hi Glen -

I'm enjoying the new blog - great stuff!

I figured I'd write to you about a piece of art I've been looking for for many years. This is not art work from a comic book, but the cover art to a book my mom wrote on collecting comic books, titled, appropriately enough, 'Collecting Comic Books.'
Back in the early 80's (probably 1981-82), when Little Brown and Co. was getting ready to publish the book (it was published in 1983) they asked my mom who they should get to do the cover art. She in turn asked me and the first response I had was Michael Golden. (probably closer to 'MICHAEL GOLDEN!!!').

They went ahead and did in fact get him to do the cover art. I can't recall for sure, but I believe at one point in time my mom asked the publisher if they still had the art, which I'm figuring came to naught.

In 2006, when Golden went back onto the comic convention circuit, I presented him a copy of the book (he didn't have one in his archives) and asked if he still had the art. Sadly, he didn't and didn't know where it had gone to. I believe he said he was given an acetate sheet with the lettering by Little Brown, to which he added the heads and figures at the bottom on another page.

So, with your offer of artwork location, I thought you might be able to find out some more information about it's location.

I understand this is a bit out of the realm of regular published comic work, so it's current whereabouts might be pretty hard to discern.

If you think you might be able to track it down - great! If not, I understand. At any rate, thanks for reading this far! Here's a copy of the cover art.

Yours -
Justin Leiter

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