Wednesday, August 22, 2012


'SWEET CHRISTMAS!", I love me some Luke Cage books from the 70's.  Billy Graham did all the pencils and inks on all the early covers numbered 3-16 and he did a masterful job.  Why he wasn't selected as the penciller on the interiors over George Tuska I find hard to understand.  I hope it was simply a deadline issue because the cover work is leaps and bounds better than the interiors IMHO.  None of these covers, however, has found their way to the marketplace--and I've looked for many years.  The only exception is the 15 cover (below) which is just about twice up.  It popped up on ebay a number of years ago and I bought it from the collector who won it.  I traded it recently--which makes me all the more hungry to find one of the others.  Has anyone seen even one of them?  I have posted them here for your appreciation...


  1. I really like Billy Graham, his art inspired me as a kid and still looks great. My favorite Billy Graham work was his run on the Black Panther series in Jungle Action where, ironically, he drew the interiors but no covers. Most of these were given to Gil Kane, but in 1970's Marvel, most/many covers seemed to be assigned to Gil.
    Here's an unused cover for Jungle Action #14 by the Irreverent Billy Graham:

    Are there any others known to exist?
    Thanks for discussing this great, underrated artist!

  2. Glen -

    It seems that you love the art and the hunt and all, but you also like turning around and selling for a profit. Have you ever wondered how much that latter impacts the former?

    andy - who doesn't buy nearly as much as you but who also hardly ever sells

    1. Some things I bought are fairly untouchable. But I'm always open to discussing things. If an offer is strong enough that I can buy something else I want then why not sell. There's almost always something else I want down the road. I do like the game and I don't worry about how my sales affect my pursuits. Too much else to worry about in life, why add to it.