Monday, August 20, 2012


I'm a big NOVA fan!  I bought 100 copies of issue 1 at a local convention when I was a kid 'cause I was sure he'd be the next Spider-Man and these things would be funding my college education.  We'll, they're worth only slightly more than I paid for them back then--not my best investment--kind of like the stock market over the last 12 years.

But the OA covers are a different story--I love them, but they're hard to find.  I bought the 2 cover (above) by John Buscema at one point from collector pal, Dan Forman.  I think we valued it at 4k.  The condition kind of bugged me so I traded it to Burkey some time later for 7500.
The Nova 4 cover by Kirby/Sinnott - I think is the gem of the run.  I got it from Alan at Heroes in a trade which included the DD 14 splash that I've since gotten back in another deal.  I sold this last year at a very high number (although, honestly, not that high by today's standards) to a collector/friend who I believe still has it.
The 5(above), another Kirby/Sinnott cover sold through Heritage--was never really a favorite of mine.

I recently got the 7 back(above), also Kirby/Sinnott, from Josh Gray who was kind enough to hang on to it long enough to trade me when I told him I had to have it back.  I used to own it, but sold it after getting the 4.  Of course, after parting with the 4, I needed it back.

So where are all the other Nova covers from the original run?  I'd like to pick up one or two more.  Here are the other covers I have seen on CAF at one time or another 10, 13, 18 and 25.  Where are the rest?  I'd love to know...anyone seen 'em?


  1. I am interested as well but a lot of the missing are later Infantino covers...seen more Ms. Marvel than Nova covers...perhaps another post for you?

    When did you see the #25 on CAF?


    1. I thought you used to have it up. Otherwise, I imagined it. :)

  2. I have the #10..Michael One Minute Later Finn

  3. Still miss it, but glad you got it back.
    I'll grab #5 when i comes up!

  4. Nova was one of the few Marvel titles I actually enjoyed reading during the 1970s (a lot of the books I continued to read had long lost their sparkle for me).

    As such, I can share your enthusiasm for these books.

  5. Thanks to you, Glen, #7 was my first NOVA cover, and my first Kirby cover ta' boot! When you hold your first Kirby it is a day to remember! NOVA was always one of my favorite Marvel heroes and the Buscema brothers will go down as drawing some of the most memorable comics of my childhood. I guess NOVA came out right at that time in my life when comics were king and I dreamed of being zapped by some death ray from outer space that allowed me to live a double life as a hero while going through school. I also bought at least 10 copies off the rack so I can totally relate to your story. The end of this story only got better for me as you were kind enough to sell me your NOVA #4 cover and Josh helped me get there by buying my #7 cover. You guys are the best and I still love my NOVA art better than almost any other art I own. Cheers guys!
    Colorado Kid